As New Mexicans, we are tired of the constant partisan politics and government corruption from both the Democrats and Republicans. It is time for a change. It’s time to end the corruption and have an Attorney General that will hold our government officials accountable, to ensure they follow the same laws the public is expected to follow.

Transparency and accountability are not just buzz words for lip service by politicians. Transparency and accountability are vital for a government to serve the people. New Mexico needs an Attorney General that believes that, and enforces that.

On Libertarianism, Family & Truth

“I’ve always been socially tolerant and fiscally conservative. Part of that is being a rancher in the west. We mind our own business, we don’t want anyone telling us how to live our lives and we don’t want to tell anyone else how to live their life.”

On What He Would Do Differently As Attorney General

“We’d be absolutely transparent. The AG’s office has to be the most transparent office in the state and we have to set the example. No matter where you look, there’s some amount of corruption that goes on in the state agencies, whether in the AG’s office itself or in our judiciary. Nobody in this state prosecutes corruption. Hector’s biggest feather in his cap is the Dianna Duran case which he almost botched. Her biggest issue was that she was kiting funds. There are a lot bigger fish to fry than Dianna Duran’s gambling problem. We just elected Tim Keller as Mayor of Albuquerque. Tim Keller has committed three felonies: criminal fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. I will call a spade a spade. People’s constitutional rights need to be respected and they can’t be trampled by judges. We can’t have a court system, an Attorney General and a government that is so corrupt that the people have no faith in it.”

On Water Rights in New Mexico

“Certain oil companies are mad because we believe they need to pay their fair share and do conservation when it comes to our Ogallala Aquifer. That’s not popular with some of the oil and gas companies who would rather cut the corner, pay a lot less to take the Ogallala water that we need to frack wells. We don’t have a problem with fracking but we have a problem with irresponsible uses and cutting the state short on the severance tax that we should be getting on that water. That’s the only way we can pay for schools and hospitals in New Mexico. I don’t care what political supporters think, I’m here to to do the right thing. The small ranchers and farmers get trampled by the big cities and corporations who have the power to pay for lobbyists and pay off the government to take that water and that lifeblood away from those ranchers. I fight for the little guy, whether it’s a civil rights case or a water rights case.”

On Right To Work

“I support Right to Work because of what my grandfather saw working in the mines and for the smelter in Silver City. Because he wasn’t union, he was ostracized and given the shit jobs. He died from cancer and he thought he was breathing stuff he really shouldn’t have. He didn’t have protection and believed it was because he refused to let someone have his political will and force to pay to be part of a group I didn’t advocate for. I am a big believer in the First Amendment and the freedom to associate but I think that also means the freedom not to associate. In order to have a job, you shouldn’t be required to join a union. What it has done for economies has been demonstrated. If you look at Kentucky and how much growth they have seen from doing local ordinances and state laws, I think the proof is in the pudding with Right to Work.”

On Marijuana Rights in New Mexico

“I’m for legalization. I’m not sure I’m even for taxing it. Some amount of regulation? Yes. I don’t think it should be different than any other consumption tax. I don’t think there is any need to tax it. There is some amount of regulation and taxation that might be acceptable simply because there is at least the indication that marijuana may have affects on society beyond that one person.”

On Gary Johnson

“For a while I was the State Director of the Johnson campaign here in New Mexico. I was a proponent of finding a few states where we could win and use the constitution to disrupt anyone from receiving the majority of the electoral college. Around the beginning of August they got it in their heads that they could win the whole thing. My grandfather was a huge Gary Johnson fan. If you look at 75 years of New Mexico governance, he’s the only bright spot we can point to. Gary’s ability to use responsible government to build infrastructure to move New Mexico forward is unparalleled and nobody in New Mexico has been close. We had a billion dollar surplus. Today, we’re a billion dollars in the hole.”

On A Note From His Grandfather

“My grandfather wrote a letter to me that was supposed to be opened on my 21st birthday. We didn’t find it until he was long gone but in the letter he gave me apple seeds, pecans, a jar of water from the farm and a film capsule filled with manure with a note in it that said ‘political fertilizer, otherwise known as bullshit’. In the letter he wrote that what New Mexico really needs is someone that is willing to stand up for its people and actually make sure that people are taken care of in the state. That we should use our natural recourses to make our own lives better rather than just simply taking it from them to make a few of us great. That’s what drove me back towards politics was finding the capsule in 2012 and it set me on the path to be involved in politics as a public servant.”


A. Blair Dunn is Running for New Mexico Attorney General in 2018!

New Mexico needs an AG that can stand up to judges or justices that fail to follow the law or the Constitution! We all want a governement that does not believe it is above the laws that the rest of us in the public have to follow. New Mexico attorney A. Blair Dunn...


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A. Blair Dunn, or Blair as he is referred to among friends and family, is a fourth-generation New Mexican. Blair believes public service and working to make New Mexico a better place for all New Mexican is every person’s responsibility and each of us should do our part to make our communities, states and country a better place for our children than we found it.

If you agree that we need a government that is transparent and understands that the people are its clients, or you believe an Attorney General should prosecute government corruption instead of participating in it, please support me as New Mexico’s next Attorney General.


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